Unlock Communication: Speech and Language Therapy and Evaluations


At Key Communications we provide you with a full evaluation and treatment for the large realm of services in the scope of a speech and language pathologist. We take pride in not only providing therapy services each session, but also to give parents the knowledge to help their child progress at the fastest rate possible.  



If you are not sure whether your child may have a speech or language concern, don’t hesitate to call and voice your concerns. Below you can find several common areas of speech/language weakness. If your child presents with any of these, call Key Communication. View the Parent Resources section for more specific Reg Flags to look for based on the child’s age.

  • Speech sounds in error
  • Trouble understanding or following directions
  • Trouble forming grammatically correct sentences
  • Difficulty with word finding while telling a story
  • Increased time processing information
  • Repeating Sounds, Words, or Phrases or getting stuck on a word (stuttering)
  • Unable to accurately answer conversational WH questions
  • Decreased skills in answering comprehension questions
  • Limited vocabulary understanding and use.
  • Social skill deficits
  • Difficulty answering problem solving and inference questions
  • Unable to understand figurative language