Unlock Communication: Speech and Language Therapy and Evaluations

Parent Resources

Parent Insights:

Red Flags: (this list is a resource only: no diagnosis can be made without a thorough evaluation).

  • By 24 months:
    • Child does not have at least 50 words
    • Child is not putting 2 words together (i.e. hi mama, bye dada, mommy eat)
    • Uses imitated words rather than spontaneously using words to express needs
    • Does not show interest in communicating with others
    • Does not follow simple directions (i.e. show me your nose)
    • Does not look at you when you are talking or playing
    • Does not use pretend type play with dolls, self, kitchen toys, etc. (i.e. brushes hair, feeds them, put to bed, etc. by 21 months)
    • ADVICE: Language delays and late talkers have been found to have decreased literacy skills once school aged, if untreated. Follow your instinct if you have concerns with your child’s speech/language.
  • 3-4 years:
    • Does not answer simple questions such as “who is that?, what do you want?, what is your dolls name?” – by 3 yrs.
    • Does not use 3-4 word sentences- by 3.5 yrs.
    • Does not accurately answer yes/no questions
    • Is not understood 75% by 3 yrs. and 100% by 4 yrs.
    • Does not use final consonants on words (i.e. says “ca” for “cat)- by 3.5 yrs.
    • Does not show interest in playing with other children
    • Has poor eye contact
    • Does not use “me” or “you” appropriately by 4 yrs.
    • Does not have consistent knowledge of basic language concepts such as “in/out, under/over, before/after”
    • Does not use plurals or past tense (but can still make mistakes with irregular tenses)
  • 4-6 years:
    • Poor comprehension skills
    • Difficulty remembering names and overuses words like “it,thing”
    • Difficulty paying attention or listening in class
    • Difficulty sequencing a 4-8 event story
    • Difficulty sounding out words or knowing sounds based on letter
    • Difficulty asking for help and repetition when needed
    • Difficulty following multi-step directions and remembering information
    • Difficulty staying organized (i.e. gets homework done but never gets it to the teacher)
    • Poor vocabulary
    • Poor memory skills
    • Shows anxiety with changes in routines
    • Seems “off topic” or makes inappropriate remarks in conversation